Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Renovations update

IQ has been closed since mid-May. I thought it would be interesting to have some before, during and after shots during the renovations. These were taken by Al (the GSS Food and Beverage Manager) a week after we closed, midway through a big cleanup.

I don't think many people who eat at IQ realize just how small the kitchen is right now--and how excited we are for it to increase in size.

Contractors interested in bidding on the job have been coming through and whenever we give them the tour they are shocked at how tiny it is. Designed to nuke fish sticks and make nachos, this kitchen was certainly not meant to make the wide ranging menu our kitchen staff create daily.

After we closed, Al (the manager) and Pete (the sous chef) spent a week pulling out equipment and cleaning it up for resale.

And now we wait... but just for one more day. On Thursday, June 5 there will be an "opening of the tenders"--a formal meeting where bids from various contractors (we hope) are opened and reviewed to make sure all is in order. The GSS Executive will attend the opening of the tenders and then meet to decide on which bid to accept, and also how much to spend on related capital changes. I won't breath easily until we have sealed a deal, and I know it is within budget!

All going well, the crowbars are out on Monday June 9, and the old IQ kitchen will start coming apart.

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This is exciting! yay.