Thursday, September 25, 2008

Margaret Atwood on the importance of the Arts

I am thrilled to see the arts becoming a major election issue. Have a look at Margaret Atwood's excellent rebuttal to recent cuts to federal arts funding here.

UVic could take a cue from this article too. Where is our funding for fine arts grad students at UVic? Is it reflective of the huge contribution the arts makes to our community and culture? To our ways of thinking and perceiving the world?

What can be done about this? What should fine arts funding for graduate students look like at UVic?

For another take on the issue, check out this hilarious video.

See how fun politics can be when artists are in charge?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Since supercollider closed, play catan!

Since the super collider in Geneva had to be closed (until it can be warmed up enough that humans can repair it) you should all come to Settlers of Catan night at the Grad Centre tonight instead of smashing atoms!

If only the super collider had enough lumber and ore...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Grad House Opens Sept 8

At long last the renovations are done!
Amand and Alyshia (above) are among the staff returning (in groovy new shirts!).

We are celebrating the completion of the Summer of Renovations with a low-cost barbecue lunch September 8.

We are also opening at 10 am Sept 8 and selling coffee and cookies prior to the lunch rush.

Regular opening hours 11:30 am.

Come by and check out the spanking new kitchen!

Some new features to watch for:

New menu featuring fresh, local food
During renovations our Chef and Manager, Alan King-Jones toured farms all over southern Vancouver Island. The Grad House will feature lots of local fare--all our meat, seafood, eggs, cheese, milk and yes, hazelnuts (!) will be from southern Vancouver Island. As much of the produce will also be local, whenever it is in season. All smoked food will be smoked in house now--including salmon, tomatoes, and chicken. Don't worry--your favourites like yam fries and the house-smoked chicken sandwhich will still be there!

Watch for our menu launch at the end of the month!

David Clode Room offers grad student hangout
You asked for grad student space, and you got it. Monday Tuesday and Wednesday the small half of the restaurant is a lounge for grad students and has no food service. The small room is being renamed the "David Clode Room" in honour of Mr. David Clode who served UVic students for over 40 years and retired this summer. David was an AMS chair, then manager of the AMS, helped found the GSS, was a key part of founding the UVic childcare, and has been a tireless supporter of students for his entire working career. We will miss having him on our side in the meetings with UVic admin!!

We recognized a restaurant doesn't always feel like the best place to spread out your books and study, or to bring your own lunch, so the David Clode will be open whenever the building is open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (ie 8am to 9pm) for grad students to come hang out by the fireplace, bring your lunch, read a book. We are moving the lovely flat screen tv in there, along with all the comfy couches. Come by and relax in your space!

The Grad House will expand into the David Clode Room and offer table service on Thursdays and Fridays.

Take home dinners
Beginning this fall the Grad House will offer dinners you can pick up and take home on those long nights of studying when cooking seems impossible to manage. All in compostible containers made of corn that can go in your oven!!

New look for meeting rooms
We know grad students want to have social meetings for students in their departments--but when you need to book the restaurant the minimum catering charges can be too much for a student group. It was often the case that people didn't want to have their social meeting in the meeting rooms because they were too officey. So... we have repainted the meeting rooms (rooms 108-112) a warm brown colour that does not look like an office, and will be making them truly multipurpose as we upgrade the furniture over the next year.