Friday, August 21, 2009

SFSS-CFS dispute must be resolved in full trial

Those who were involved in the referendum in which the GSS left the Canadian Federation of Students have been watching the trial resulting from the Simon Fraser vote on the same issue with some interest. Simon Fraser students voted 66% in favour of leaving 2008, but the CFS contests the validity of the referendum. The SFSS tried to get a summary judgement (judgement without trial) affirming the vote was valid, but lost this month--not because they were wrong, but because the jude decided the issue needs a trial to be resolved. The judge's ruling makes for interesting read. And it seems not only SFSS will be paying (part of?) the CFS costs for the summary judgement proceedings but SFSS students are paying CFS fees with their tuition and it seems unclear what is happening to them. Is SFU holding them in trust until this is resolved?

The GSS referendum to leave the CFS (in which our members voted to leave) has not been contested. GSS members voted 57% in favour of leaving the CFS.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bike Kitchen cooking up near you

UVIC is doing well by their cyclists, I must say.

In the past year, cycling commuter showers have been included in every new building.

The Spokes bicycle program helps students who have just arrived get a bike for a year-- free! And Spokes also lets you rent bikes for visiting family and friends (oh, and visiting scholars too!) at dirt cheap prices.

There are even charging stations for those with electric batteries on their bikes.

And now, lucky me, right outside the Grad Centre, UVIC plans to install a "Bike Kitchen". Four stands to fix your bike, and tools and compressed air all right there for you. For students, a bike is a great way to get around. Minor repairs are much easier with a stand, but investing in that sort of equipment is out of reach. A bike kitchen is a fantastic bonus for all the cyclists on campus. The Bicycle User Committee intends to use it as a meet-up spot for rides as well.

Kudos to all involved in this project, and to the Bicycle Users Committee for all their work improving UVIC for cyclists.

Monday, August 10, 2009

So many ways to tandem

I was trying to figure out a way to include this on the grad student blog, but I can't--except it qualifies as thesis distraction. Or perhaps there are some interesting kinesiology or physics questions that arise..

Anyway, as mentioned, I do love a tandem bike, so here are some interesting variations on the theme!

Back to back

three wheeler

what the hell? wild rowing machine tandem...with disco soundtrack and 1950's (norwgian?) documentary voice commentator that reminds me of my grade 10 PE teacher...

I want this one:

This one is great--hand crank and cycle tendem combo--called the "handem tandem" !

Couldn't get it to embed, but it is at:

Perhaps a new project for the grad house... the beer bike (10 riders, two bartenders!)

And finally, a side by side sitting up