Friday, June 20, 2008

Thursday, June 19, 2008


A surprise peak at what UVic might be using to transport staff and goods to various locations on campus. Electric cars and van!

That's campus live wire Sara Webb standing there with her fair trade organic coffee!
I even got a free ride around ring road. If "happiness" is to be measured in the cost benefit analysis in there, the amount of silly giggling from various UVic staff in the van definately weighs heavily in favour of purchase.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dig it!

There's really no going back now! The digger is in the back ripping out our GSS delivery drive.

I must say I greet this with a bit of relief. Deadlines for completion being what they are, and the demand for construction workers being so high, I was nervous the whole week between the GSS Executive approving the release of capital funds, and the various levels of approval going from my notice up to the Vice President Finance office, and then the letter to the contractors to say they can go ahead.

Hopefully, now all our various levels of approval and bureaucracy are done, construction will speed along handily. (I will keep you posted on progress!)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Going, going, GONE

Well, congrats to Biochemistry & Microbiology and English departments who have grad reps that are quick on the draw! (I love grad reps that read email from me!)

They are each taking one couch and one chair. . . so if you find yourself nostalgic for the 90's IQ Bistro, wander over to their departments and have a seat.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Have a seat!

From June 10 to June 20, the offer stands to any grad reps (or their delegate) to obtain one or more of these old blue leather couches or chairs for FREE for use by graduate students in their department grad space. This offer applies to the couches an chairs in the photo, not the newer ones in IQ Bistro.

The couches are large and heavy (but comfy) and quite scratched. Check you really have space before you send a request:

There are two couches: 84"W x 37"D x 36"H
and two chairs: 40"W x 37"D x 36"H

Offers from department grad reps will be taken via email to gssmgr[at] on a first come first served basis until June 20 at 10 am.

June 23-July 2 grad students can request to take one of the items home at their own cost of removal. (no charge). Also first come first served, by emailing gsscomm [at]

You will be required to show valid UVIC GRAD ID to obtain the chairs for personal use.

On July 2, the any chairs/couches remaining will be removed by UVic for resale or disposal.

It's a go!

In an exec meeting June 9, the GSS accepted a bid for kitchen renovations and office renovations from PRIMA construction. PRIMA is already working on several projects at UVIC.

The cost of the project, along with associated capital costs, is within the budget approved by GSS members at the Special General Meeting, and the GSS does not anticipate borrowing any funds to complete the work.

Al, the restaurant manager wasted no time in selling the old kitchen equipment. June 10 most of the kitchen equipment was removed.

Mike was kind enough to allow me to record the moment he removed the salad prep table for blogging posterity! (Good old prep table!)

One thing I will certainly not miss is the display case (commonly known as the "evil muffin coller" around the office. We have been putting off the removal until the renovation for as long as I have been here--since removing it leaves a huge gaping hole in our bar on the small side of the restaurant. This it sat, full of creamers and catsup.Noisy and ugly, I look forward to our new bar where once this beast sat gurgling and whirring its fan.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Opening the bids

So... nothing is settled yet, but the latest update is there was an "opening of the bids" June 5. Larry (from Facilities Management) made fun of me for bringing a camera so of course I have to put his picture up. Here is Larry, Carl and the other fella:Larry is in the middle--he's our project manager from UVIC. Carl has the fancy tie--he is the architect who is overseeing the reno (and who designed the Halpern Grad Centre in the first place!). The other fella is the other fella.
More news Monday.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Renovations update

IQ has been closed since mid-May. I thought it would be interesting to have some before, during and after shots during the renovations. These were taken by Al (the GSS Food and Beverage Manager) a week after we closed, midway through a big cleanup.

I don't think many people who eat at IQ realize just how small the kitchen is right now--and how excited we are for it to increase in size.

Contractors interested in bidding on the job have been coming through and whenever we give them the tour they are shocked at how tiny it is. Designed to nuke fish sticks and make nachos, this kitchen was certainly not meant to make the wide ranging menu our kitchen staff create daily.

After we closed, Al (the manager) and Pete (the sous chef) spent a week pulling out equipment and cleaning it up for resale.

And now we wait... but just for one more day. On Thursday, June 5 there will be an "opening of the tenders"--a formal meeting where bids from various contractors (we hope) are opened and reviewed to make sure all is in order. The GSS Executive will attend the opening of the tenders and then meet to decide on which bid to accept, and also how much to spend on related capital changes. I won't breath easily until we have sealed a deal, and I know it is within budget!

All going well, the crowbars are out on Monday June 9, and the old IQ kitchen will start coming apart.