Friday, March 30, 2007

New GSS Executive Elected

The people have spoken and the Grad Exec for 2007/08 will take office April 1.

Chair: Patrick Reed (Philosophy)
Director of Services: Brandy Sistili (Dispute Resolution)
Director of Communications: Joseph Kolthammer (Physics)
Director of Finance: Ian Hussey (Sociology)
Director of Student Affairs: Lee Blanding (History)

Thank you to everyone who came to the Semi-annual General Meeting and participated in selecting your new executive board.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Victory on Fellowships .. partly

The campaign has paid off, we have achieved a significant improvement to the UVIC fellowship policy. It is not perfect, but it does provide more economic security for fellowship holders.

UVIC's new policy will be:
Fellowship cheques and cheques for all scholarships at UVIC (including the new BC Graduate Student Scholarships) will not be withheld unless tuition is unpaid in the previous semester. Therefore, students starting in September will receive their cheques in Septembr, October, November, December without interruption, but MUST pay their tuition by the end of December.
Late fees will apply as for any other student.

This policy will stand until the NOVA system is in place, allowing more flexibility for installments of tuition to be taken off cheques paid to students by UVIC.

The full text of the letter from FGS about this change is available in letter format outside the GSS office.


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Great new site for Canadian Grad Students!

Check out this site from the publishers of The Peer Review. Its called the Grad Student Survival guide and has links to great information and past articles from their magazine.