Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Travel Grants amounts increased

The Faculty of Graduate Studies is pleased to announce that travel grant funding has been increased as of April 1, 2007.


As part of our commitment to support the research activities of our graduate students, we have adjusted the following categories:


Travel Grant category:

Previous funding amount:

New amount:











Students who have already been approved for travel grant funding for the current fiscal year (travel occurring after April 1, 2007) will receive the additional funding in the particular category to which they have applied. No new application is required in order to receive the increased amounts. Those students who have already been approved for travel grants should submit receipts to the Faculty of Graduate Studies that equal or exceed the new amount in their particular category.


Please distribute this announcement to all of your graduate students.  Attached are revised travel grant regulations, as well as a new travel grant application form. Please use these forms from now on. They can also be found on our web site at


If you have any questions, please contact Anitra Winje, Travel Grant Facilitator, at 472-5209 or

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

BC Govt releases Campus 20/20

This document is a discussion of the BC government's vision for post secondary education in BC.

Report recommendations for graduate studies and research include:

"40. Limit granting of doctoral degrees to the four provincial universities.

41. Building on the recent commitment to create 2,500 new graduate student
spaces by 2010, develop a plan to implement the BC Access and Excellence
Strategy target of the highest per capita enrolment of graduate students in
Canada by 2015.

42. Allocate the new graduate student spaces to UBC, UVic and SFU in proportions
similar to the existing distribution of research funding and graduate student

43. Establish an expanded program of graduate student financial aid to ensure no
qualified applicant for graduate studies is denied access on the basis of financial

44. Increase and thereafter maintain direct investment in research and innovation in
public post-secondary institutions sufficient to ensure BC is in the three highest
spending provinces by 2010.

45. Implement a “Georgia Strait” research cluster initiative by ensuring that at least
95 per cent of all provincial research funding is awarded to UBC, SFU and UVic.

46. Establish a continuing commercialization strategy to ensure that the province
and post-secondary institutions are maximizing opportunities to benefit from
commercially realizable research discoveries.

47. Task the Higher Education Board to develop and report on performance
measures with respect to results from provincial funding for research."

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

UVIC library: grad student input

A big thanks to all the graduate students who participated in giving the library feedback. Your ideas have been included in the library's internal review. Have a look at this summary of graduate student input!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Copyright infringement case at U of T leads to how-to guide

Another interesting post on

A number of high-profile copyright infringement cases – including one at the University of Toronto – have inspired a campaign to educate graduate students about their rights when it comes to protecting ideas and work from possible theft.

The Carleton Graduate Students' Association is spearheading an initiative to educate the university's 3,300 grad students on how to safeguard their intellectual property while ensuring they're being properly recognized for their work.

The initiative will include workshops and a handbook outlining what would constitute an infraction of students' intellectual property rights, said association president Oren Howlett.

Examples include a student not receiving authorship on written work, or having a professor take credit for their work.

Full story here

UofT to dump tobacco investments

Found online at Interesting given the move to consider smoking ban at UVIC.

The University of Toronto is the latest university to alter its investment portfolio, citing ethical concerns. With yesterday’s announcement to divest millions in tobacco stocks, U of T became the first educational institution in Canada to boycott the tobacco industry.

A student activist who successfully campaigned to have U of T sell off its tobacco investments says other Canadian schools should follow suit and end the "unethical practice."

"We hope that other institutions will get a clear message that investing in tobacco companies is an unethical practice and it's something that should not be done," Tyler Ward, president of Education Bringing Youth Tobacco Truths (E-BUTT).

Many universities have taken similar steps for ethical reasons. Recently, Queen’s University divested its holdings in two Chinese oil companies because of their involvement in Darfur.

Read the full story here

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Grad Rep Council April 17 Meeting call

Dear Grad Reps,

The GSS Executive Board has decided to call an April meeting of the Grad Rep council for April 17 at 5pm.

Agenda as currently proposed is below. I added more background than usual at the request of a member.:

1. Approve Agenda
2. Approve Minutes

    (January 2007 and February 2007)

3. Executive Reports
4. Departmental Reports
(If you would like to submit a written report to save time, please email it to me by April 11 and I will attach it to the agenda)

5. CFS Membership Review Committee report (referred from SGM to Grad Council)
6. Election of a CFS-BC representative
7. Fellowship Campaign review and update
We have a temporary improvement in the current situation, but some grad reps have expressed concern that we have not had a chance to discuss this solution, nor the presentation by the Dean at the last GRC.
8. Seek volunteers for a 2007-08 Campaigns planning session (to meet in the Summer)
The GSS Executive will do quite a bit of planning for Fall and Spring campaigns during the Summer. This is an invite for any grad reps who would like to help shape that campaign plan.
9. Summer Leisure Club!
It will be as good as you make it!
10. Announcements/Other business
11. Adjournment
If you would like to add any further agenda items, please send them to me at and I will circulate a final agenda on May 10.

If you are going to be away, please seek an alternate to attend from your department. If there is no one that can attend from your department, please RSVP ASAP and let us know so we will be aware of any quorum issues well in advance.

Thanks very much!

And a big BIG thanks to everyone who came out to the SGM, last week.