Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Grad Rep Council April 17 Meeting call

Dear Grad Reps,

The GSS Executive Board has decided to call an April meeting of the Grad Rep council for April 17 at 5pm.

Agenda as currently proposed is below. I added more background than usual at the request of a member.:

1. Approve Agenda
2. Approve Minutes

    (January 2007 and February 2007)

3. Executive Reports
4. Departmental Reports
(If you would like to submit a written report to save time, please email it to me by April 11 and I will attach it to the agenda)

5. CFS Membership Review Committee report (referred from SGM to Grad Council)
6. Election of a CFS-BC representative
7. Fellowship Campaign review and update
We have a temporary improvement in the current situation, but some grad reps have expressed concern that we have not had a chance to discuss this solution, nor the presentation by the Dean at the last GRC.
8. Seek volunteers for a 2007-08 Campaigns planning session (to meet in the Summer)
The GSS Executive will do quite a bit of planning for Fall and Spring campaigns during the Summer. This is an invite for any grad reps who would like to help shape that campaign plan.
9. Summer Leisure Club!
It will be as good as you make it!
10. Announcements/Other business
11. Adjournment
If you would like to add any further agenda items, please send them to me at gssmgr@uvic.ca and I will circulate a final agenda on May 10.

If you are going to be away, please seek an alternate to attend from your department. If there is no one that can attend from your department, please RSVP ASAP and let us know so we will be aware of any quorum issues well in advance.

Thanks very much!

And a big BIG thanks to everyone who came out to the SGM, last week.


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