Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Have a seat!

From June 10 to June 20, the offer stands to any grad reps (or their delegate) to obtain one or more of these old blue leather couches or chairs for FREE for use by graduate students in their department grad space. This offer applies to the couches an chairs in the photo, not the newer ones in IQ Bistro.

The couches are large and heavy (but comfy) and quite scratched. Check you really have space before you send a request:

There are two couches: 84"W x 37"D x 36"H
and two chairs: 40"W x 37"D x 36"H

Offers from department grad reps will be taken via email to gssmgr[at]uvic.ca on a first come first served basis until June 20 at 10 am.

June 23-July 2 grad students can request to take one of the items home at their own cost of removal. (no charge). Also first come first served, by emailing gsscomm [at] uvic.ca.

You will be required to show valid UVIC GRAD ID to obtain the chairs for personal use.

On July 2, the any chairs/couches remaining will be removed by UVic for resale or disposal.

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