Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's a go!

In an exec meeting June 9, the GSS accepted a bid for kitchen renovations and office renovations from PRIMA construction. PRIMA is already working on several projects at UVIC.

The cost of the project, along with associated capital costs, is within the budget approved by GSS members at the Special General Meeting, and the GSS does not anticipate borrowing any funds to complete the work.

Al, the restaurant manager wasted no time in selling the old kitchen equipment. June 10 most of the kitchen equipment was removed.

Mike was kind enough to allow me to record the moment he removed the salad prep table for blogging posterity! (Good old prep table!)

One thing I will certainly not miss is the display case (commonly known as the "evil muffin coller" around the office. We have been putting off the removal until the renovation for as long as I have been here--since removing it leaves a huge gaping hole in our bar on the small side of the restaurant. This it sat, full of creamers and catsup.Noisy and ugly, I look forward to our new bar where once this beast sat gurgling and whirring its fan.

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