Monday, August 10, 2009

So many ways to tandem

I was trying to figure out a way to include this on the grad student blog, but I can't--except it qualifies as thesis distraction. Or perhaps there are some interesting kinesiology or physics questions that arise..

Anyway, as mentioned, I do love a tandem bike, so here are some interesting variations on the theme!

Back to back

three wheeler

what the hell? wild rowing machine tandem...with disco soundtrack and 1950's (norwgian?) documentary voice commentator that reminds me of my grade 10 PE teacher...

I want this one:

This one is great--hand crank and cycle tendem combo--called the "handem tandem" !

Couldn't get it to embed, but it is at:

Perhaps a new project for the grad house... the beer bike (10 riders, two bartenders!)

And finally, a side by side sitting up

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Anonymous said...

too bad the the first one is not as symmetric as it looks.