Monday, March 17, 2008

Victory on GSS campaign on payment issues

As many of you are aware, the GSS has been lobbying for three years to change the way students can pay their tuition. We sought a means for students to deduct their tuition in monthly installments without late fees, as is done by graduate students on every other major Canadian campus.

 Today I am pleased to say we have won a victory for all UVic graduate students.

 Effective September, UVic graduate students will be able to pay their tuition in equal monthly installments from their bank account by filling out a form with UVic, regardless of funding. Students will not be charged interest or pay a late fee penalty if they are using this program. There will be an administrative fee of $25 per year for the service. This fee is far less than what many students are paying in interest and late fees currently. Further, the program is optional - so if the current system works for you, you can stick with it.

 This victory is a great way for the GSS Executive to end our term. We want to send out a big thanks to everyone on Grad Council and the past executives who worked so hard on this over the past three years. A big congratulation and thanks to everyone who came to the meetings with the dean, wrote letters to the president, and generally worked to make our campaign succeed - you have won a victory that will help many grad students in the coming years!

 Patrick Reed,

GSS Chair

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