Friday, March 7, 2008

Other referenda?

You may have heard there are other students in BC holding referenda on CFS membership. This is true. They are Simon Fraser Students Society (which currently includes both grad students and undergraduates) and Kwantlen College Students Association.

Cape Breton University Students Union has also posted a notice of referendum for next week.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Stacey,

Thought that you might want to know that Dawson just had a successful
referendum to join the Federation.

Also, here is a list of member locals not having referenda this year:

British Columbia
Local 03: University of British Columbia Students' Union-Okanagan
Local 75: Camosun College Student Society
Local 05: Capilano Students' Union
Local 73: Downtown Campus Students' Union
Local 18: Douglas Students' Union
Local 33: Emily Carr Students' Union
Local 76: Broadway Campus Students' Union
Local 61: Malaspina Students' Union
Local 13: College of New Caledonia Students' Union
Local 72: North Island Students' Union
Local 66: Northwest Community College Students' Association
Local 53: Okanagan College Students' Union
Local 86: College of the Rockies Students' Union
Local 04: Selkirk College Students' Union
Local 15: Thompson Rivers University Students' Union
Local 44: University of Victoria Students' Society

Local 42: Alberta College of Art and Design Students' Association
Local 21: Graduate Students' Association of the University of Calgary

Local 90: First Nations University of Canada Students Association
Local 09: University of Regina Students' Union
Local 101: University of Saskatchewan Graduate Students' Association
Local 17: University of Saskatchewan Students' Union

Local 37: Brandon University Students' Union
Local 96: University of Manitoba Graduate Students' Association
Local 103: University of Manitoba Students' Union
Local 38: Association des étudiantes et étudiants du Collège universitaire de Saint Boniface
Local 08: University of Winnipeg Students' Association

Local 82: Algoma University Students' Union
Local 28: Atkinson Students' Association
Local 102: Brock University Graduate Students' Association
Local 78: Carleton University Graduate Students' Association
Local 01: Carleton University Students' Association
Local 107: Association étudiante de La Cité collegiale
Local 92: Student Association of George Brown College
Local 93: Glendon College Students' Union / L'association des étudiantes et étudiants du collège Glendon
Local 54: University of Guelph Central Student Association
Local 62: University of Guelph Graduate Students' Association
Local 32: Lakehead University Student Union
Local 30: Laurentian University Students' General Association
Prospective Member: Laurentian University Graduate Students' Association
Local 88: Association des étudiantes et étudiants francophones de l'Université Laurentienne
Local 104: Laurentian Association of Mature and Part-time Students
Local 39: McMaster University Graduate Students' Association
Local 20: Nipissing University Student Union
Local 25: Ontario College of Art and Design Student Union
Local 94: University of Ottawa Graduate Students' Association des étudiant(e)s diplômé(e)s de l'Université d'Ottawa
Local 27: Queen's University Society of Graduate and Professional Students
Local 105: Continuing Education Students' Association of Ryerson
Local 24: Ryerson Students' Union
Local 85: Saint Paul University Students' Association
Local 99: Scarborough Campus Students' Union
Local 19: University of Toronto Graduate Students' Union
Local 97: Association of Part-Time Undergraduate Students of the University of Toronto
Local 98: University of Toronto Students' Union
Local 71: Trent Central Student Association
Prospective Member: Trent University Graduate Students' Association
Local 47: University of Western Ontario Society of Graduate Students
Local 56: Wilfrid Laurier University Graduate Students' Association
Local 48: University of Windsor Graduate Student Society
Local 106: University of Windsor Organization of Part-time Undergraduate Students
Local 49: University of Windsor Students' Alliance
Local 68: York Federation of Students
Local 84: York University Graduate Students' Association

Local 91: Concordia Student Union
Local 83: Concordia Graduate Students' Association
Local 79: Post-Graduate Students' Society of McGill University

New Brunswick
Local 67: University of New Brunswick Graduate Students' Association

Prince Edward Island
Local 63: Holland College Student Union
Local 70: University of Prince Edward Island Graduate Student Association
Local 31: University of Prince Edward Island Student Union

Nova Scotia
Prospective Member: Dalhousie Association of Graduate Students
Local 11: University of King's College Students' Union
Local 34: Mount Saint Vincent University Students' Union
Local 07: Student Union of NSCAD University
Local 69: Association générale des étudiants de l'Université Sainte-Anne

Newfoundland & Labrador
Local 36: Grenfell College Student Union
Local 45: Marine Institute Students' Union
Local 100: Graduate Students' Union of the Memorial University of Newfoundland
Local 35: Memorial University of Newfoundland Students' Union
Local 46: College of the North Atlantic Students' Union

Tayfun Ince said...

Thanks for the list, anonymous. It is a lot of fun watching you guys campaign.

Stacy Chappel said...

I can't believe my exciting post on the synchrotron got no comments and this got two!

Tayfun Ince said...

I don't like to comment about physics outside my office :D