Friday, March 14, 2008

GSS Party March 20

Need an excuse to cut out early for the long weekend??
Exercise your franchise... and then your drinking arm!

Party for Democracy!

Step one: GO VOTE
March 18-20, 9am to 5pm is polling on the referendum on CFS membership. So... if you haven't already voted by Thursday, better leave the lab/office/corner of a shared desk where you study and get to the polls before 5! (Polling is at University Centre and MacLaurin A wing foyer


Step two: Come to the party!
Starting at 5pm at IQ Bistro in the Grad Centre!!
DJ Westcoast Convolution will provide the tunes, there will be cool prizes, and of course, you can enjoy the friendly camaraderie of your fellow grad students before the 4-day weekend.

Step three: Be first to hear the referendum results!
Referendum ballots are being counted (at a secret location) starting 5pm Thursday. We will hear the results first.. and then toast the referendum process!

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