Monday, April 23, 2012

UVIC leaves Access Copyright, along with 35 other AUCC members

The Ring reports UVIC will not renew it's Access Copyright membership in 2012.

AUCC had negotiated a deal that would cost universities 26$ per full time student per year, replacing an old 10 cents per page cost for course packs. (UVic says it paid $3.38/student per year at the 10 cents per page rate). No doubt this would have ended up a fee transferred to students. (UVic decided to leave Access Copyright in December--at which time the price for Access was going to be $45/full time student).

Today, Michael Geist writes in the Tyee that several schools are breaking ranks with AUCC on how to deal with accessing copyrighted material in academia. Geist points out there is a trend toward creative commons licensing in academic journals, and many universities already pay for online journal access, making the course-pack style redundant.

Teaching classes? More details on UVIC copyright policies and changes are here.


Anonymous said...

No longer correct: UVic declares intention to sign "reluctantly" with Access Copyright:

Stacy Chappel said...

Thanks for the update! I had not seen that. UVIC has a copyright blog here:
which covers UVIC but also news about other universities and copyright.