Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Changes to immigration benefit (some) international PhD students

The minister of state for science and technology, Gary Goodyear, announced today the process for International students doing their PhD in Canada to become Canadian citizens is being streamlined -- but only for students in specific areas, such as sciences and engineering, following along with other changes to immigration recently.

Once 2 years of a PhD have been completed, eligible students can apply for citizenship. This change is coming nearly immediately, with applications being accepted November 5. There will be 1,000 spaces in the program.

Read the CBC story here.

This is great news for PhD students who want to stay in Canada (and stop paying differential fees), so long as they are in the right program... but what about those in other research areas?

Recently, the provincial government has been pushing for international recruitment, opening BC scholarship programs to international students, for example. I wonder if immigration offers is a way to make Canada more competitive in recruiting international students. AUCC president seems to think so. AUCC's press release on the change is here.

I think this may be the most pro-grad student comment I have heard from the feds:
Doctoral graduates play a unique role in the economy. They drive research, encourage innovation and pass on their knowledge through teaching,” said Minister Goodyear. “And quite simply, Canada needs more of them.” (from the press release).

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rahzam said...

Hi there,

I have just completed my Master (MSc Engineering Management) from UK and want to do my Phd from Canada. After the completion of my Phd, what benefits do i will get from Canadian Govt? and would i be eligible to apply for citizenship??