Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dean loves Dean Cakes!

I admit I was somewhat trepidatious when GSS Operations and Services Manager Brandy Sistili proposed renaming the Grad House crab cakes after the Dean.

The crab cakes are one of the most popular menu items... but still, it is possible it could be taken the wrong way.

Now, if the Grad House menu were an honourary degree, there would be a whole protocol and process to deal with such situations...

Brandy pointed out the menu was full of references to grad student life, and the GSS has a great relationship with the Dean. So, despite my worries, Brandy kept it in.

Turns out that, as usual, Brandy was right, because the Dean popped in with a big grin and asked immediately to order his honourific meal. (Sadly they were sold out!)

Now I am worried the President will be feeling left out!

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