Sunday, January 18, 2009

Golden Age of Schadenfreude!

I didn't even need to read the story on the tyee to know it *must* be linked here. Golden Age of Schadenfreude? Hello!

Here are some other favourite schadenfreude links:

Schadenfraude pie recipe and photo essay. Yum!

The wikipedia entry on shadenfreude includes comparible words in other languages (than German).... but really is there a perfect translation for schadenfreude?

the musical avenue q (starring the muppets) even has a song about schadenfreude. However, you may know it for another popular ditty. Who knew it was muppets singing that!! (Pic from official site)

Finally, my tandem is known (to my son and I) as the Schadenfreude blue wheeler. And indeed, I feel schadenfreude for you as I zip past and you are not on a tandem. That's blue. And has wheels.

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