Friday, January 2, 2009

Apostrophe on apostrophe

20 year old typo causes bureaucratic diversions

Every year I prepare the legal filings of our Annual General Meeting. This includes Form 11, which details any changes to our bylaws.

In October, the GSS passed several bylaw changes and I dutifully submitted them using the reuired Form 11. Following the procedure requested by the registrar in past years, I simply attached a copy of the new bylaws and sent them in with a note on the form asking them to replace the old bylaws with the new.

Today I received notice the bylaw changes are being "held on file" until I correct them because, as noted in the comments, "Name must be exactly as registered: Student's Society".

Apparently our founding board couldn't use an apostrophe correctly (what would Lynne Truss say?) and the GSS founding documents thus list us as the University of Victoria Graduate Student's Society. Or perhaps there really was only one graduate student back in the 80s when we were incorporated as a society.

Perhaps I should file a complaint about the GSS on this blog. It seems we are doomed to a legally required error... what is a person to do when government demands you maintain a typo to keep your bylaws legal? Perhaps call a special AGM simply to remove the errant punctuation? (Imagine the would rival the infamous Ince/Pollock semicolon battle of March 20;06!).

So there you have it, dear imaginary reader, my apostrophe on the errant apostrophe and the resulting form filing catastrophe.

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