Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Referendum on Health and Dental Plan

Going to the polls... again. (This is it, I swear!)

Grad students will have the opportunity to vote on the coverage and cost of the GSS extended health and dental plans on April 22, 23, and 24th 2008.

The referendum will ask you to choose between the following options:
  1. Keep premium at current level with benefit reductions.
  2. Increase paramedical coverage to 100%, with $10 co-pay ($230/year, $19.17/month, an increase of $1.58/month
  3. Add vision coverage of up to $200 every 2 years ($245/year, $20.42/month, an increase of $2.83/month)
  4. Combine options B and C ($255/year, $21.25/month, an increase of $3.67/month)
Choice with the highest number of votes will be selected.

You will be able to vote on webvote and also by paper ballot at the GSS office.

Info on the referendum is here: http://gss.uvic.ca/Healthanddentalreferendum.htm

Info on the health and dental plan is here: http://gss.uvic.ca/health.htm

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