Friday, April 25, 2008

Health Plan to include vision, improve paramedicals

Results in the referendum regarding the health plan are in:

261 ballots were cast, representing 10.4% of graduate students and meeting the test of 5% for quorum.

The winning option was to increase the health plan cost by $3.67 per month (to $255 per year) and increase coverage as follows: the health plan will now include vision coverage (for lenses) of up to $200 every two years, and to increase paramedical coverage to 100%, while maintaining the 10$ deductible per visit.

Distribution of votes was as follows: $44.04 per year ($3.67 per month).

Option A: Maintain current premium withe lower coverage: 51 votes (20%)
Option B: Increase paramedical coverage to 100% while maintaining 10$ deductible per visit: 32 votes (12%).
Option C: Add vision coverage of up to $200 ever two years: 60 votes (23%)
**Option D: Combine options B and C: 118 votes (45%)

Health and Dental Plan information is available here:

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