Wednesday, January 23, 2008

CFS Referendum Updates

Reformation information website
The GSS has established a website to house information on the upcoming referendum on whether to leave the CFS.

The website is a neutral space meant to keep students appraised of the workings of the referendum oversight committee and thus the rules of the campaign. It will likely link to online campaign material for both sides when available.

Referendum oversight committee
The process of the referendum is a bit convoluted. The GSS served the required 6 months notice, and now a Referendum Oversight Committee has been formed. I am calling it "ROC", affectionately.

The ROC is a 50-50 committee made up of two delegates elected by the CFS and two delegates elected by the GSS. The committee is:

From the GSS:
Nicole O'Byrne (Law) and Takuto Shiota (Philosophy)

From the CFS:
Lucy Watson (Campaign Staff) and Ben Lewis (CFS National Treasurer)

GSS ROC reps "arms length"
The GSS Exec has decided, in consultation with O'Byrne and Shiota, that the GSS delegates to the ROC will be "arms length" from the GSS. The GSS Exec felt it was important for GSS members from either (or no) side of the debate have representation on the committee, and the focus of the ROC be on establishing fair referendum procedures.

Since the GSS Executive has formally supported the petition to leave the CFS, the formal independence of the GSS delegates to the ROC formal was especially important.

GSS Office space to be "campaign neutral"
The GSS executive has also designated the GSS Office as "campaign neutral". All materials related to referendum campaigning will be kept out of Grad Centre 102 to ensure all grad students feel welcome in their student union office with questions about referendum rules and processes.

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