Wednesday, January 4, 2012

SFU students and CFS settle out of court

SFU Students Society no longer a member of the Canadian Federation of Students.

After a long dispute (since 2008), the SFSS and CFS have settled out of court.

This is the text of the statement that was agreed upon Dec 23rd and publicly released today.

"The Canadian Federation of Students and Simon Fraser Student Society Reach Out of Court Resolution.

The Canadian Federation of Students, Canadian Federation of Students - Services, Canadian Federation of Students - British Columbia Component (collectively, the "CFS Entities") and the Simon Fraser Student Society

("SFSS") have come to an amicable, out of court resolution of their dispute regarding the SFSS voting membership in the CFS Entities.

As part of this resolution it is agreed that the membership has ended.

The agreement was motivated by a desire on the part of all parties to resolve all outstanding issues. The parties have agreed to this common statement and have agreed to make no further public statements regarding this matter."

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