Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Grad School in Pop Culture

Aside from PhD Comics, and bit parts (like two episodes of the Simpson (here and here) and references to the grad work of the depressed uncle played by Steve Carrell in Little Miss Sunshine) how often does grad school make its way into the plot of popular (or even unpopular) culture? There are zillions of films about undergrads, of course--including Canada's highest grossing film ever, btw.

If you are starved to see your life as a grad student represented on the screen, you may wish to catch the latest episode of Being Erica which features Erica travelling back in time to grad school and a remembered confrontation with her supervisor. Yike!

A recent article on blueavocado.org about the lack of pop culture references to non profits (or at least the lack or realistic ones) got me thinking... where are the grad students in pop culture?
We certainly have an abundance of lawyer shows and doctor shows, and oh yes, detectives. Why not charities, or jobs like mine, working in a non profit--the GSS. Better yet, why not a show in a student union for grad students!

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