Monday, December 1, 2008

Representation Campaign Victories

The GSS is currently campaigning to guarantee representation for graduate students in departmental meetings. Grad students in Sociology lost their long standing right to voice and vote in department meetings last summer. Philosophy students are similarly fighting to maintain their full rights, having been reduced from full representative status to attending the beginning of the meeting and speaking to items in the previous minutes.

Read the Grad Rep Council motion in support of graduate student representation here.

Come to the GSS and sign the letter to support grad students in philosophy who are fighting to save their seat at the table!


  • History in Art grad students have won a guarantee of representation in their department--including voice and vote.
  • Physics & Astronomy grad students have increased their representation to include a grad student from each discipline at the table.
  • Changes to Senate elections policy have been won. Previsouly, although no policy precluded their candidacy, graduate students had been refused the right to run as the senator from their home faculty and had been directed to run for the sole Faculty of Graduate Studies seat. Due to lobbying by the GSS the interpretation of the rules has changed and graduate students can now run for all student seats on the Senate.

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