Friday, August 29, 2008

Perhaps you are unaware you want to be the grad rep...

That's right! You want to be a grad rep!

Why? Well, how about being part of all the great changes the GSS is winning for our members?

In the past few years, the GSS has won some significant victories:
-payment of tuition in installments
-creation of an english as a second language thesis writing group
-reduction of fee unit requirement for one year programs (ie less tuition)
-worked with other grad students in BC to win the creation of a BC Grad Scholarship program

Grad reps, who are elected in each department and meet monthly at the GSS, have been part of all this. Grad reps also help with all major governance decisions at the GSS: do we renovate the kitchen? do we borrow money to do it? Do we build our own darn superconducting supercollider for Tayfun? Its up to the reps, man.

So think about getting involved. Make sure the problems faced in your department are being addressed. Learn from other departments about how to make your department cooler. (ie. Economics has pet fish. Do you??)

Oh, and btw there is pizza (or other food) at the meetings and we are having a grad rep social one hour into our first meeting Sept 30.

So... now you know. YOU want to run for grad rep and be the coolest grad in your department! Here's how:

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Tayfun Ince said...

You couldn't resist, could you :D That project was shutdown you know. We built LHC instead ;)