Wednesday, February 28, 2007

BC Budget 2007 includes grad student scholarships

The BC Budget 2007 released includes the following:

"Budget 2007 reconfirms government's commitment to create, in partnership with the post-secondary sector, 25,000 new student spaces including the commitment to create 2,500 new graduate spaces. Budget 2007 includes $82 million in new funding over three years for these initiatives to increase access to the post-secondary system. An additional $20 million is being funded in 2006/07 to provide scholarships and internships to support the new and existing graduate spaces."

You can find this on page 9 of the document Balanced Budget 2007 - Province of British Columbia: Part 1: Three-Year Fiscal Plan. Located here:

The UVIC GSS is currently contacting the ministry to seek more details as to how this will be implemented.

Another item of interest to UVIC graduate students:
"The Ministry of Advanced Education will provide $15 million over the next two years to plan and implement Aboriginal post-secondary service plans for institutions in collaboration with Aboriginal communitites and develop culturally enhanced curricula, programs and services"

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